1. Lucky Scooters – San Diego Trip

    Lucky Scooters – San Diego Trip

    Lucky Scooters hooked up this edit from SD8. I love what Lucky is doing with their brand and putting all of their riders out there for us all to enjoy. That’s a very solid team and they shred the whole park. I was looking at the new 2014 Lucky Scooter...

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  2. Inside The City – Cupertino

    Inside The City – Cupertino

    Fresh freestyle scooter video coming out of the Bay Area. Saw this slick video on Inside Scooters blog. Production is nice and I like how the riders show off some of their favorite ride spots throughout the day in Cupertino, California. Some dope tricks from all the riders, looking forward...

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  3. ScooterCon SD8 2014

    ScooterCon SD8 2014

    Who’s going to Scootercon SD8 2014? Who’s registered? Whoa – $8,000 cash pro purse this year!!! It’s going down January 4th, 2014 at the Mission VAlley YMCA Krause Family Skate/Bike Park (Register here). You can get all the info at Tilt will be featuring their new full length dvd...

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  4. RWilly – Streets of Melbourne

    RWilly – Streets of Melbourne

    The icon Ryan Williams hits streets of Melbourne, Australia. Check him out riding the highly anticipated new scoot, the Madd Gear MFX 4.8. He owns all ledges, rails and walls. Fun to watch! I was just re-watching RWilly’s fails and bails clip on YouTube for like the 3rd time –...

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  5. Freestyle Scooter X-Mas Shopping Guide

    Freestyle Scooter X-Mas Shopping Guide

    Check out the gnarly freestyle scooters and scooter parts that Scooter Grounds recommends. What do you take in consideration when buying your pro scooter gear? Being a baller on a budget I look at the price and what will shred the hardest for the least amount of cash money. I...

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  6. JBS: NBC

    JBS: NBC

    Brandon James with a new clip – his chill ass style might just be our favorite here at SG*. Grimey street style tricks to a grimey soundtrack, you gotta dig this clip. As usual, killing the rails with fresh combos. Straight heat! The YouTube page is great… got like 400...

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  7. Hella Broke with George Justiniano

    Hella Broke with George Justiniano

    Ouch… painful to watch. George Justiniano from Hella Grip breaks his arm while grinding down a stair rail. I don’t have too much info, just saw this gnarly scooter video at ISB and thought I’d share. Looks like Hella Grip has a “help a homie” grip tape pack fund going...

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  8. Brandon James In California

    Brandon James In California

    Brandon James killing it in Cali! Almost 5 minutes of clever tricks to a dope track by JR Bricks. You have to dig the scenery in this one as well – beautiful Cali ocean in the background! Just have to sit back and enjoy the stylish scooting, smooth grinds and...

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