Lucky Scooters – San Diego Trip

Lucky Scooters hooked up this edit from SD8. I love what Lucky is doing with their brand and putting all of their riders out there for us all to enjoy. That’s a very solid team and they shred the whole park.

I was looking at the new 2014 Lucky Scooter line up – looking pretty fresh. Digging through their 2014 catalog, featuring new complete freestyle scooters such as the Clover, Strata, Crew & the Kota coming out this summer. The colors and graphics all look dope. You can get the complete scooter or just the decks for each model so you can customize your own. Lucky scooters usually come with a big price tag but the quality is superb for insane shredding. You have to be impressed with the technology and with the insane riders they’ve got on their team, they are pro tested! Looking forward to hearing more about their 2014 line up and checking out some scooter checks.

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    wrote on March 28th, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Noah Trent

    sick video wish i could have been there im going next year for sure.

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