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What Is The “Favorite” Feature?

If you see a video or photo that you like and want to keep it handy to watch again, click the Favorite link while logged in and this link will be added to your profile under Activity, to view whenever you want. It's almost like a bookmark, but awesome-er!

How Do I Message Someone?

There are 2 types of messaging, Public and Private. If you want to chat with a person directly, use the Private Message button on the left of the person's profile you want to contact.

If you want to post a Public Message, everyone sees it, simply post on your profile page, or your profile activity page or the Activity page.

What Is That Tool Bar At The Top For?

You might have noticed when you are logged in, there is a black tool bar at the top. You will love this feature - as you can get back to your profile page with ease, check messages, mentions, etc. and even see your point total. If you rollover the ▼ symbol, you will see your full menu of options from editing your profile to logging out. Go use your tool bar now and get familiar with it, it's awesome!

How Do I Create A Cover Photo?

The Cover Photo is the photo that is shown on your main profile page. You can set your Cover Photo by logging in and on the main profile page clicking "Create Cover Photo". The Cover Photo will render at 600 pixels wide. If you want to post a flyer for your next event, cool, that will look great! If you want a simple Cover Photo, we recommend a 600x150 image. It's all up to you. You can delete and change your Cover Photo with a click of a button so go experiment.

Looking for a cool graffiti graphic for your Cover Photo, check out sites like Graffiti Creator or crop your own at a site like Pic Resize.

How Do I Add An Avatar/Profile Pic To My Profile?

Once you are logged in, simply click "Change Avatar" and upload a photo. We accept most image types and you'll be provided a crop tool to cut your photo out as you'd like.

What are Groups & How Do I Join?

Groups are similar to a forum... you comment on topics. What's nice about our Groups are that you can create your own, invite your friends or make it public, post videos, links, etc. It's just a great way to start a chat and talk about the world of pro scooters & more.

You can Join A Group by clicking on Profiles > Groups > and adding a group while you are logged in.

Our Groups are moderated - so don't get loco essay, we will shut your Group down if you get hifey!

What do points & ranks mean?

You can earn points for creating an account, making comments, uploading images, joining groups, etc. The more points you earn, the more exposure you get on the site and automatically enters you into drawings for free prizes. For example, you needed 300 points to enter the Phase 2 Dirt Scooter Giveaway. More prizes for points are coming soon - stay tuned!

What are ranks? We set up rankings to separate the newbies from the pros. The more you use the site, the more experience you gain on the site. The ranks include Newbie (0), Rookie (500), Semo-Pro (1000), Pro Rider (3000) and SG* Boss (4000). Just a fun way to earn some street cred.

Why Join Scooter Grounds?

* Create a profile and show off your best scooter edits, sponsor videos & action photos

* Chat with other freestyle scooter riders about the sport & add your friends

* Join contests for your chance to win complete pro scooters, parts & more

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