Who is Scooter Grounds? (SG*)

SG* is an equal opportunity Pro Scooter Community!

Join today! If you ride a scooter, you have to join our community. Why? Because you are going to miss out on creating your own pro scooter profile to showcase your skills, upload your best videos, chat with friends, meet sponsors, chat in groups about the sport, rate members, WIN PRIZES with a simple point system and much more! Stop wasting your time on Facebook – get on a site that respects and represents the sport you love.

SG* is legit – get on your scoot and prove yourself! @andrewg

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are, what you ride, who you are sponsored by – it’s about growing the sport. Together we will make scootering a sport that is well respected. Whether you ride street or park, let’s get into the game!

Scooter Grounds is the ONLY Pro Scooter Social Media site online! You are crazy not to get in on this! @nategendron

Get on it! Let’s take this sport to the next level!

– Scooter Grounds Pro Team

Why Join Scooter Grounds?

* Create a profile and show off your best scooter edits, sponsor videos & action photos

* Chat with other freestyle scooter riders about the sport & add your friends

* Join contests for your chance to win complete pro scooters, parts & more

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